T  H   E     M  A  N     I  N      C  H  A  R  G  E


The man in charge...

Gerhard H. Brändle

After graduating from college with a degree in communications engineering, the following career landmarks were achieved: Laboratory and Service Engineer for microwave systems, Project Manager, Manager of Sales and Marketing, and finally Technical Director.

All began at the formerly famous engineering company SEL, with its headquarters in Stuttgart. This company made it possible to stay world-wide in different countries for many years, such as North America, South America and Asia.

A position at POLYTRON as Export Manager followed, and continued for several years; this was not an easy task, as it involved major changes in working environment and business philosophy.

This has finally led to the foundation of my own company. Thus, the first step in realizing the vision was done. Further measures are being taken, supported by a staff with highly qualified experts, which will enable us to meet the challenges of all our customers' world-wide, and provide innovative solutions.

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