T  H   E     M  A  N     I  N      C  H  A  R  G  E


The man in charge ...

GŁnter Spitzbarth

Important milestones after graduating from college with a degree in communications engineering:

Project - and Development engineer, Projectleader, Team- and Groupleader; everything started at the formerly famous engineering company ALCATEL SEL AG in Stuttgart, and ended suddenly after 25 years of company deployment in 2005.
Within this time the evolution of the digital switching system S12 takes place. Many customer relations in home and foreign countries had been built up during this period. Many new internal, external colleages as well as people from other Alcatel companies were trained and leaded in big development projects from technical and personal point of view.
But the mother ALCATEL was not happy with S12. After years of drastical manpower reduction also the tasks of development were transfered to India and China. This was the end in ALCATEL SEL.

But the show must go on. After a short time the growing company IBB ELECTRONICS was looking for recruitment. It takes me not much time to say YES! By the way two former SEL people have been met.

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